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Indoor Air Quality

When you purchase any furnace we will give you a

  • Free Electostatic air filter or
    • Wash out dirt
    • Better than regular filters
  • A Dynamic air filter for only $188.00
    • Higher level of filtration
    • Mounts in the current return filter grill
  • An Accuclean ir filtration unit for only $700.00
    • No more changing filters!
    • Captures significant amounts of dust and dirt
    • Mounts into your system
    • Vacuum out dirt to clean
    • Very low restriction of airflow for high efficiency systems
  • $349 Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing (up to 7 vents)
    • Remove and clean all vent covers
    • Isolate duct runs and scrub out interior of ducting
    • Use vacuum to capture all dust and dirt form ducting
    • Sanitize ductwork using a biocidal fogging method
    • Secure all vent covers (registers)
    • Inform customer of any needed duct sealing or issues found

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